Benefits Of Safety Gear For Motorcycle Riding

Motorbike riding is a very dangerous affair. I will not get into full details because you can either accept or ignore the fact. I’m not attempting to scare you off, but with proper safety gear for motorcycle riding, you can reduce the risks significantly. Think of what will happen if you are riding a rocket-propelled motorbike wearing shorts, flip flops, and a baseball cap.

The following are benefits of the must have safety gear for motorcycle riding.


Perhaps, this is the most important safety gear a rider can purchase. Your head is very sensitive to any impact. If you are involved even in a minor accident without a helmet, you may hit your head on the road and suffer a concussion or even lose your life. On the flip side, your face will not look beautiful after being dragged at 50 mph for fifty feet on the pavement. A helmet will keep the bugs off your face and help you prevent brain damage.



When you get involved in a bike accident, your first reaction will be to reach your hands out for protection and to halt rolling. This is why your hands are exposed to danger. The will be bones, skinless and just generally destroyed without gloves. Some gloves are designed to look as cool as leather jackets. Most have Kevlar to make them resemble brass knuckles. Keep your fingers safe by only putting on gloves.

Motorbike jacket

A motorcycle jacket is a pretty prominent gear since its practical when it comes to both safety and fashion. It can keep you warm or cold depending on the season or the type of the jacket. There is a broad variety of clothes that riders can choose from made from mesh or leather. If you are considering buying a mesh jacket. check out www.bestmotorbikejackets.com/mesh.

Again if you get involved in an accident, and you slide on the pavement, you’ll be glad to have a jacket. Without one, your skin will be shredded off your body, and it will be past painful. Even if it’s boiling out, it’s better to be sweaty instead of exposing your bones and nerves. Be intelligent, put on a jacket, it can make a fashion statement.

Over ankle motorbike boots

Over the years I have watched many motorcycle accidents on video sharing platforms with people wearing sports shoes that simply fly off. Over ankle motorcycle boots are not very common in the market but they are widely accepted. Gone are the periods when you had to put on full on boots. Over ankle motorbike shoes also work and make you appear stylish.

Bike pants

ghdhd4Riding around in shorts makes you look dumb. While it’s the least used gear, it still plays a significant role in keeping you safe. If you look at motorbike crashes with people wearing shorts while sliding on pavement, you will realize that they don’t hold up and end up shredded. Luckily, leather pants with kevlar panels will offer you protection and still make you stylish. In hot weather conditions, it’s strongly advisable to get a snow looking leather pants. Don’t be foolish, protect your butt always when riding.