Ways to Recycle Paper Bags

When we buy items from the supermarkets or grocery shops, items are always packed in plastic paper bags. When used, they do not need to be thrown away. Here are some ways that those paper bags can be reused.

Dusting off ShoesfcfgasCfgaca

Those paper bags can be used to dust off shoes. They are the best for footwear because they protect themfrom the accumulation of dirt and dust. When dust and dirt accumulate inside the footwear, the shelf life is reduced. Next time instead of disposing off the bags, use them for the shoes to see the difference it makes.


Plastic paper bags can be used to decorate the house. There are videos online especially on YouTube that show how they can be used to make paper crafts with good designs. Although they may not be permanent decorations, it is nice to give it a try because it is worth it. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly decision.

Toys for the Kids

They can also be used by kids as toys. Those plastic bags can be used to make parachutes for the toys. This will make the kids really happy. A parachute is made by cutting a small circle into it. After that, four pointed marks are made and attached to the toys. It is quite a simple process and an inexpensive way of making the children happy.

Travel Companion

Some people experience car sickness when they travel. This means that they are at a risk of throwing up in the car. Instead of making many stopovers or dirtying the car, the plastic bags can be used. They can be used in that when the person feels like throwing up; they can throw up in them and then dispose of them. Moreover, kids will make toys out of it and use them as travel companions, especially over long distances.


fcxasgcxsafcPaper bags can be used to store so many items especially shoes and food. An individual can use them to keep personal belongings like jewelry as well. It is easy to misplace things when they are all over the place. Therefore, they can all keep in a safe place inside a plastic bag. This way, it is easy to trace them when needed.
Plastic bags come in handy in so many situations. It is, therefore, important to keep them for future use after using them. Not throwing them is also good for the environment.…